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Today the restaurant industry and the entire ecosystem which the industry supports—the farmers, producers, distributors, local communities, and others—are facing a severe crisis.

Through our Open for Good campaign, the Foundation is committed to helping independent restaurants survive this crisis, rebuild better, and thrive for the long term.


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  • Keith F


    We'll all get through this, together. So appreciate the leadership from JBF during an extraordinarily tough time for the industry

    12 hours ago
  • Richard S


    I am one of the owners of Nightshade in Los Angeles. We were proudly nominated (pre-COVID) as a Top 10 Restaurant. Though, things have dramatically been altered by the pandemic, it is in our communal DNA to re-invent hospitality. We will. And I’m also proud of the altruistic direction JBF is heading toward too!

    1 day ago
  • Susan L


    6 days ago

  • Michael C


    We are all in this together and without the correct leadership the US is dead. If DT wins the US will no longer be the U.S.A. ALL I CAN DO IS what I am doing insofar as I am not long for this world especially if DT wins the WH. I went to the CALIFORNIA Culinary Academy but I had extreme problems with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. So it is coming to an end for me but I can help others through donating meager amounts but its something. Please be safe and thrive!

    7 days ago


    7 days ago

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